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Cancer Diagnostics & Compassionate Treatment for Your Dog & Cat

Dr. Ashley Case

A diagnosis of cancer, regardless of severity, is the most feared and misunderstood of all pet diseases. Your Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center offers comprehensive pet cancer services, from diagnostics and treatment to counseling and pain management. In fact, OPVMC, is the only veterinary hospital with a board certified oncologist on staff within 160 miles. Oncology is the specialty focusing on cancer. Ashley Case, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) is available to our primary care patients and by referral. To refer a patient to Dr. Case please click here.

The main function of our Oncology Department is to treat cancer in pets with the goal of curing their disease. We also provide palliative and end of life care.

Cancer in Pets

Veterinary oncology is the branch of medicine focusing on cancer in pets, including diagnosing and treating certain types of cancer, as well as cancer surgery. Cancer is not just one disease, but is a diverse family of diseases. Only the underlying cause, the unchecked cellular division within a particular body tissue, is common to all. Our diagnostics are performed to identify the exact type of cancer and an accurate prognosis.

With a cancer diagnosis in companion animals, quality of life is our primary goal. We would never attempt to simply prolong your pet’s life in the face of a painful existence. We strive for a cure whenever possible, of course. When a cure is not possible, we advocate for the pet, his or her comfort, and quality of life.

veterinary cancer

Treating Pet Cancers

Treatment may involve medications, given orally or by injection (chemotherapy), surgery, radiation, or several of these in combination. Each cancer is managed individually and with due attention to the most current veterinary medical literature. As with any disease, pain management is always a priority for our oncology patients.

When surgery is recommended, the post-surgical prognosis varies depending on the location and type of cancer. Some pets are cured with surgery. Other patients may be treated with a combination of surgery and chemotherapy, or chemotherapy alone.

Thankfully, pets do not suffer the degree or severity of side effects from chemotherapy and other cancer treatments as do people. In fact, most pets treated with chemotherapy for cancer do very well. Appropriate laboratory monitoring is essential, however, throughout their treatment. In many cases, a durable remission may be achieved. In that case, your pet will have an excellent quality of life and may be able to maintain full activity.

Oncology Services at OPVMC

Our board certified oncologist and staff veterinarians perform many oncologic procedures in our hospital. Our board certified surgeon is also available for those cancer cases and specialized procedures requiring a surgical approach. Our services for oncology patients and their families include the following:

  • Detailed history
  • Physical examination
  • Initial laboratory examination
  • Cytologic evaluation
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Biopsy specimen acquisition
  • Histopathology
  • Overall treatment planning
  • Chemotherapy planning
  • Oncologic surgery
  • Rescue protocol planning
  • Client education
  • Monitoring and follow up
  • End-of-life planning and decision making

Take the fear out of cancer, contact us for more information about our compassionate oncology services for your pet.