OPVMC Referral Patient Policy: Surgical, Internal Medicine, Oncology or Behavioral Services

Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center offers referral services for our board-certified internists, surgeon, and oncologist. Please note: We do not provide routine preventive care for a referred patient.

How to Refer a Patient

To refer a patient to one of our board-certified specialists for treatment or a second opinion in internal medicine, oncology or surgery:

Please be sure to send a complete referral letter, copies of any completed blood work, and any X-rays. Once treatment has concluded, it is expected that the patient returns to the referring veterinarian. Other than emergencies, we will not see outside patients without an accompanying referral letter.

Specialist’s Availability

Internal Medicine


***Please note OPVMC always has a surgeon available on call 24/7 for emergencies on a case by case basis as determined and deemed necessary by the OPVMC attending veterinarian.


To learn more about any of the doctors above please click their name.

Referring a Patient to the Behavioral Specialist

As of February 2017, OPVMC currently has a visiting veterinarian that specializes in behavioral medicine, Dr. Katherine Houpt. She visits OPVMC once a month for consultations. Should you need to schedule a consultation please call (716) 662-6660. Referring veterinarians can call the same number; however we encourage you to refer via the OPVMC referral portal here:

Some of our doctors have also had special training and clinical experience in behavioral medicine and will schedule behavior consultations for mild and moderate behavioral problems. Our veterinarians work with our Pet Behavior Advocate Team of veterinarians and doctors to diagnose and treat pets with behavior problems.

Focus on Communications

To help coordinate communications, we have a telephone technician to answer medical or emergency questions regarding our services, patient updates, and client concerns. Our voicemail system allows you to leave messages for the attending veterinarian or specialist. In addition, for hospitalized cases you receive a status update via fax after rounds each morning.

When you call for an update about your patient, leave a message in the technician’s voicemail. The technician or attending veterinarian will return your call. Please be sure to leave clear information about the patient you referred and a contact number.

Information for Pet Owners Referred from Other Hospitals

General Referral Policy: If you have been referred to us by your local veterinarian, please understand that once your pet has completed treatment for the specifically diagnosed problem, routine veterinary care will be resumed by your regular veterinarian. We will not see other pets or the same pet for a different problem, unless there is an accompanying referral letter from the regular veterinarian. We will however see ANY PET at ANY TIME in the event of an EMERGENCY.

Your Pet's Medical Records: We are not affiliated with your regular veterinarian but we do share a relationship with them in that we share a common goal in caring for your pet as a team. They have entrusted us to care for your pet and we take that role very seriously.

Since we are not affiliated with your regular veterinarian and although we have electronic medical records; a universally accessible electronic medical record database does NOT yet exist in veterinary medicine as it does in human medicine; therefore we DO NOT have access to your pet's medical records, x-rays or lab work unless you or your veterinarian provide them to us. Please bring any medical records, lab work and/or x-rays with you for your appointment here as this will greatly help our doctors treat your pet. Please also make sure that a referral letter has been sent to us in advance (if not bring it with you the day of the appointment). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.