Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Services

veterinary lab diagnostics

Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center maintains a modern, fully equipped, in-house laboratory staffed by experienced licensed veterinary technicians. Our laboratory provides prompt results, avoiding dangerous delays in treatment and minimizing wait time.

With the patients and the laboratory in the same building, quality control is assured. Our skilled and dependable laboratory staff provides consistency of results every day, day after day.

Laboratory Testing Available at OPVMC

Our laboratory can perform more than 200 specific tests. Common laboratory tests we perform include:

  • Complete blood cell count
  • Platelet count and reticulocyte count
  • Blood chemistry profiles
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal analysis
  • Bacterial cultures and sensitivities
  • Virology

Because diagnostic testing is so important, our laboratory provides doctors with prompt results seven days a week and on holidays.

Many regional animal hospitals have used our laboratory services because of the quality of our results and skill of our lab staff.

Veterinary-Icterus Grading Guide for Serum and Plasma
Fig1. - Veterinary-Icterus Grading Guide for Serum and Plasma.
Veterinary-Lipemia Grading Guide for Serum and Plasma
Fig2. - Veterinary-Lipemia Grading Guide for Serum and Plasma.
Veterinary-Hemolysis Grading Guide for Serum and Plasma
Fig3. - Veterinary-Hemolysis Grading Guide for Serum and Plasma.

Theriogenology/Reproductive Medicine

We emphasize responsible pet ownership and prevention of inadvertent pregnancy. Thoughtful breeders plan in advance to produce quality litters that are healthy and strong. At OPVMC, we work with many excellent breeders and are experienced in managing your pet's reproductive health.

OPVMC offers reproduction services for those who plan to breed, with a choice of several experienced veterinarians. From the casual breeder to the experienced professional, we can help you improve reproductive health in your kennel or produce next year's champion.

Reproductive Services

Reproduction is a complex body function, the understanding of which spans several medical disciplines and body systems. Our comprehensive reproductive services address problems such as inability to conceive, small litters, mates or potential mates that are far away, and difficulties in giving birth.

Typical reproductive services we perform include:

  • Pre-mating reproductive health evaluations (breeding soundness)
  • Estrus (heat) detection and timing
  • Optimal mating scheduling
  • Mating management
  • Artificial insemination
  • Pregnancy determination
  • Pregnancy management counseling
  • Delivery management
  • Surgical delivery (caesarian section)
  • Fertility problem management

Contact us for your veterinary reproductive needs.