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OPVMC Referral Portal: Problems and FAQs

Login Credentials

I cannot find my username and password. What do I do?

Please contact Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center RVetLink support at or (716) 662-6660, and we will resend your hospital a Welcome Email. This email will give you your username and a temporary password to use to login to OPVMC’s RVetLink portal. Once you have entered the temporary password, it will prompt you to change it to a password of your choice. It can be the same password that you previously used. Please note, every username and password are issued per hospital, not per individual. Please make sure that everyone at your hospital is aware of the updated username and password. Once you are logged in you can set your preferences in terms of how you prefer to receive notifications, via email, fax or both.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately not since this is the way that the way the portal is able to uniquely identify your hospital in the system.

If I forgot my password can I reset it myself?

You have to know your password to be able to reset it or change it due to security measures. If you need to reset it, please contact Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center RVetLink support at or (716) 662-6660, and we will resend your hospital a Welcome Email. This email will give you your username (cannot be changed) and a temporary password to use to login to the portal.

eReferrals and Prior Referrals

My hospital does not use electronic medical records. Am I able to still submit referrals through the portal?

Yes. On the final step of the online referring process, you can choose another method of transferring the records over to OPVMC including by fax.

How do I use auto-fill?

Your hospital must be using one of the following practice management systems to request auto-fill integration: Cornerstone Software, AVImark Software, or ImproMed Infinity Software. Get started here.

Am I able to upload images or records to send electronically?

Yes! On the final step of the referring process, you will have the option to attach records or images that will then be sent directly to OPVMC.

Can I attach more than one document to the eReferral submission?

Yes, however you must add one attachment at a time. To do this, select the file you wish to attach then click the Upload button. This will successfully attach your file to the eReferral. Repeat this process for as many documents as you'd like.

Why am I not seeing all of my referrals in the Prior Referrals tab?

OPVMC's RVetLink only contains referrals that are submitted through the portal. If you refer a patient by calling, email, or fax. the referral will not appear in the . We encourage you to only submit referrals through the portal!

Can I update a referral after it is already submitted?

YES! If you previously submitted the referral through the portal, you can access the referral in the Patient Referrals tab. From there, you can choose to edit the referral and update it with additional information. Our Client Services Department and Referral Coordinator will receive an email notification letting them know the referral has been updated with new information. We encourage you to do this when applicable as it is very helpful to us to have the most complete and current records as possible.

Patient Records and Automatic Notifications

When do patient records and lab reports show up on the portal?

Patient records and reports will be uploaded and available on the portal when completed and finalized by the attending OPVMC DVM. Once lab work is finalized by our lab staff it will also be shared to the portal The portal syncs with our ezyVet software system daily to pull any new finalized patient records or reports. They are then uploaded into the portal to be able to view. In the meantime, you will receive automatic and instant notifications for your patients that we have examined, those that have been admitted and daily notifications for hospitalized pets, as well as those that have been discharged. You will also receive instant notifications for those pets that have passed away or have been euthanized at OPVMC. If one of your patients does not show up on your portal, please call the office at (716) 662-6660 as it likely means that this patient has not been affiliated with your hospital in our practice management software. Please ask the Client Service Representative that you speak with to make sure that your hospital is listed, and if not to add you to the database. Once they process your request, please ask them to re-share the clinical summary with you.

NOTE: We are able to send incomplete records upon request. The records you receive will notate that they are incomplete.

What do I do if I am unable to open a patient document within the portal for viewing or if it states "pending"?

Please notify us if you are unable to view a document that says it is open for viewing. If you notice documents saying that they are pending after 48 hours, please notify us so that we can ensure that the record is finalized and sent to you.

How long will these documents be up on the portal?

Patients remain active for 6 months on the portal. If you would like access after that time, please give us a call and we will email the patient’s medical records to you.

First and foremost, make sure you always double check your spam folder for an automatic notification from the portal.

If it is not there, double check your notification settings under your Profile and Settings tab in the portal to ensure your fax and/or email information are correct and up to date.

Lastly, check the portal online for a record you think may be missing. Documents including medical records, attachments and lab work will automatically be sent out through the notification system. Radiographs will appear on the portal. If you find our Clinical Summary or Attachments in the portal and you were not alerted via email, please contact us at

Is there a way to download all the records from the Patient Chart at once?

Not currently but this is an enhancement request the rVetLink is taking into consideration for the future! Currently, you will need to download the attachments individually. You can, however, click the Patient Chart PDF button to download a screenshot of the entire patient record. This won’t download the attachments, but it is a good, high-level visual for the patient’s medical history.

Computer Error Messages

If I get an error message when trying to log into the portal, what should I do?

Check to make sure you are using a current version of your internet browser. It is important to keep the browser up to date for your own protection as updates include security and program bug fixes. Our site has been tested on the most common browsers so if you are finding errors please notify us.

Why am I getting a pop-up blocker?

The internet browser that you are using has pop-up blocker turned on. Please refer to your browser settings to turn off the pop-up blocked for our site. If you are unsure of how to do this you can google, "how to turn off pop-up blocker in (name of the browser you are using, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)".