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A cat looking excitable

Canine & Feline Blood Bank Blood Donor Program

Canine and feline blood transfusions improve a pet’s chance of surviving serious trauma, surgery, or illness.

At Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center, we maintain our own blood bank for an immediate supply to meet any medical need.

About Our Blood Bank

Our blood bank is managed by our veterinarians and dedicated LVT staff for patient safety and compliance with our high standards. All donors are screened for overall health and freedom from communicable diseases. The blood is separated into different components, allowing several patients to receive blood products from only one donation. We maintain a supply of fresh blood on a limited basis; Whole Blood, Packed Red Blood Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Frozen Plasma, and Frozen Platelet Concentrate for our canine patients; and Whole Blood, Packed Red Blood Cells, and Fresh Frozen Plasma for our feline patients.

A blood draw being done on a dog

How It Works

Each blood donation is collected in a special bag, the same type used by human blood banks. These bags preserve clotting factors and allow for sterile separation of blood components in a closed system.

Laboratory tests for blood typing are run for all new donors. A comprehensive battery of tests is completed on every new donor. There is also periodic testing for blood-borne diseases and parasites while the donor remains active in our program.

Where Donors Come From

Many of our Canine and Feline blood donors are pets of OPVMC employees. We have a few community donors that are our clients’ pets.

Our canine and feline donors are selected for their sweet nature. Some animals seem to sense they are part of something special and are very cooperative. An animal that is not willing to sit still or who seems fearful or apprehensive is telling us, “I’d rather not donate today.” We respect the animal’s choice. Those who would rather not donate are thanked for their efforts. No dog or cat is ever forced to donate.

Donor Requirements

We are always seeking canine blood donors of sound health and gentle nature for our program. Prospective donors must be:

  • Between one and six years of age
  • Fifty pounds or greater in body weight
  • Current on vaccinations and heartworm preventive
  • No other long-term medications
  • Current on Flea and Tick preventative

Donor Benefits

For giving the gift of blood, our donors receive a complimentary annual physical examination, complete blood count and blood typing, heartworm test, chemistry profile, and a screening for several infectious diseases.

Contact Us

For your dog to be considered as a blood donor, please contact the blood bank.