OPVMC: Open 24/7 for emergencies

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Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center is the premier veterinary emergency center in the region that provides a doctor and nursing staff on site 24/7. When you have a pet with a critical or life-threatening medical issue, you need the immediate attention and skilled veterinary team only we can provide. We ALWAYS have at least one veterinarian dedicated to managing emergency cases, while our general practice veterinarians and specialists continue to see regularly scheduled appointments.

Complete Veterinary Services in an Emergency

Continuity of care is essential to quality emergency services. We have access to advanced diagnostic technology, laboratory testing, state-of-the-art surgical suite, and a fully stocked pharmacy, as well as round-the-clock nursing care.

Services for Medical Necessity & Client Convenience

Because injured or critically ill pets need immediate attention, our emergency service provides walk-in care without an appointment. Much like a human emergency room, all animals are treated on a priority basis. Our medical team conducts triage upon each patient’s arrival, to establish urgency and treatment need.

At OPVMC, we define emergency as either a medical necessity or pet owner convenience. For example, you have an urgent need to cross over the border to Canada, but your vet cannot fit you in for the required exam. If life throws you a curve ball and you can’t wait for an appointment with your primary caregiver, our emergency service may meet your need.

Walk-in emergencies are always welcome, but we advise you to call first. If your pet needs to be seen right away, your call will allow us to prepare in advance. Also, it may be possible that your pet does not need an exam, so we might be able to save you an unnecessary trip to our emergency room.

For help in determining if your situation is a veterinary emergency, our staff is very skilled at answering your questions and determining what is and isn’t an emergency. However, should you ever feel your pet is having an emergency, it is NEVER wrong to bring your pet in. Being open and staffed 24/7, we will accept walk-ins at any time, even if you haven’t spoken with us first. Our goal is to be as available as a human emergency room is. Or download this helpful handout, When to Call Your Veterinarian or OPVMC.

In a veterinary emergency, call (716) 662-6660 and press option 1.

Avian and Exotics Emergencies

Cornell University Hospital for Animals (Ithaca, NY): (607)253-3060

Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Buffalo (Cheektowaga, NY): (716)427-5114

Sick or Injured Wildlife

Sometimes a Good Samaritan finds injured or sick wildlife, such as a bird, bunny, or squirrel, and contacts us for care. We are not equipped to offer wildlife rehabilitation, but will assist you in contacting the appropriate wildlife agency to supply proper care to the animal.

When necessary, we will treat injured and sick wildlife when the wildlife rehabilitation agency authorizes such treatment, or if no agency contact can be made and the animal is in a life-threatening situation. Uninjured wildlife that just seems lost is referred to the responsible agency for pick up and care.

Should you find any wildlife, whether lost, sick, or injured, please call our office before coming here, and we will assist you do what is best for the animal(s).