X-rays: Painless Images Help Diagnose Illness or Injury

Veterinary Radiology

To meet the need in this community, Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center has an up to date digital radiology department that includes digital radiographic and computed tomography (CT) imaging.

Digital X-rays

Radiographs are more commonly known as X-rays. They are used throughout the veterinary community, preferred for their speed and relatively low cost when diagnosing illness or injuries in pets. Modern X-rays produce pictures that are clearer and expose the animal to very small doses of radiation. X-rays are harmless to your pet when using well-maintained equipment and proper technique.

We use X-rays most often when diagnosing a suspected fracture or joint injury. Additionally, we may take X-rays when your pet swallows a foreign object. Sometimes an X-ray is the initial diagnostic tool in a critical or emergency situation. This image tells us how to begin, and we are able to follow up with immediate treatment or may require additional tests. We can easily share digital radiographs with you, the client, the referring or your regular veterinarian, or specialists via email or CD.

Digital Dental X-ray

We have a digital dental X-ray machine available tableside when performing dental examinations. The digital X-ray image is available almost immediately, without having to move or relocate the patient. This allows us to complete the patient's dental work expeditiously and is less stressful for your pet.

Skill & Experience

Our licensed veterinary technicians are highly skilled at positioning patients for diagnostic quality radiographs, whether utilizing our digital X-ray equipment or the digital dental X-ray equipment. All radiographs are reviewed by the veterinarian for quality and diagnostic imaging results.

Specialist Consultation

With our digital x-ray system we have the ability to send the raw digital x-ray image (called a DICOM file) for review by a board certified veterinary radiologist. We also send all CT scans to a certified veterinary radiologist. This can be especially helpful with complicated cases and when a specialist's second opinion is needed.

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